We make your tractor fully autonomous

At Lonomy we gave agricultural robots the ability for full autonomy. Now it's time to give this ability to your tractor.

We are ready - are you?

Our technology ...

Follow predefined path

Precisely and even when the GPS signal is absent.

Stop in front of obstacles

We enable your tractor to understand the environment. If obstacles are detected the tractor stops. As soon as the obstacle is gone the tractor continues driving.

Implement Control

The implement is controlled based on the position of the tractor.

Tested on agricultural Robot

Software was successfully tested on the agricultural robot developed at ETH Zürich.

... towards a more efficient and more sustainable farm

Get rid of the struggle to find tractor operators. Your autonomous tractor runs day and night.

Focus on what is important and let your autonomous tractor do the repetitive tasks.

No hurry - go for the more sustainable approach. Your autonomous tractor doesn't care if the sustainable approach takes longer.


Timo Schönegg


Gian Erni


Pascal Lieberherr


" We are an ETH Zürich robotics team driven to bring the latest technology from robotics to tractors.
Dedicated experts in computer vision, sensor fusion, machine learning and controls will make the vision of autonomous tractors a reality. "
Pascal Lieberherr

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